ABCD 2015 – Toronto

The first workshop on American, British, and Canadian Political Development took place at the University of Toronto on October 2-3, 2015. The workshop’s theme was “Political Parties and Legislatures”. It was organized by Desmond King, Peter Loewen, Jack Lucas, Rick Valelly, and Robert Vipond. 

Opening Remarks: Kimberly Morgan (George Washington University); Desmond King (University of Oxford); Rick Valelly (Swarthmore College)

Arthur Spirling (New York University): “Democratization and Linguistic Complexity: The Effect of Franchise Extension on Parliamentary Discourse, 1832-1915.” Discussant: Gerald Gamm (University of Rochester)

Jean-François Godbout (Université de Montréal): “Legislative Party Development in the British Dominions.” Discussant: Frances Lee (University of Maryland) 

Laura Bronner (London School of Economics): “The Rise of the Modern Election Campaign: How Parliamentary Candidates’ Campaign Speeches Differed by Constituency Characteristics in 1890s Britain.” Discussant: Wendy Schiller (Brown University)

Richard Johnston (University of British Columbia): “Religion and Identity: The Denominational Basis of Canadian Elections, 1878-2011.” Discussant: Andrea Louise Campbell (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). 

Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey (London School of Economics): “Explanations and Accountability in Economic Policy: Deliberation in UK Parliamentary Committees.” Discussant: Gregory Koger, University of Miami. 

Christopher Kam (University of British Columbia): “The Evolution of Electoral Accountability in the United Kingdom, 1820-1906.” Discussant: Jeffery Jenkins, University of Virginia. 

Karen Jusko (Stanford University): “Who Speaks for the Poor? The Implications of Electoral Geography for the Political Representation of Low-Income Citizens.” Discussant: Alan Jacobs, University of British Columbia. 

Iain McLean (University of Oxford): “Political Development and Constitutional Moments in the UK: A Riker / Ackerman Approach.” Discussant: Jeffrey Selinger, Bowdoin college. 

Closing Remarks: Ira Katznelson (Columbia University) and David Mayhew (Yale University). 

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