ABCD 2016 – Oxford

The second workshop on American, British, and Canadian Political Development took place at Nuffield College on May 5-7, 2016. The workshop’s theme was “Democratization and Citizenship”. It was organized by Desmond King, Peter Loewen, Jack Lucas, Rick Valelly, and Robert Vipond. 

Opening remarks: Peter Loewen (University of Toronto) and Jack Lucas (University of Calgary). 

Debra Thompson (Northwestern University): “Race, the Canadian Census, and Interactive Political Development.” Discussant: Laurence Whitehead (University of Oxford)

Desmond King (University of Oxford): “When the State Fails: The Death of Federal Activism for Racial Equality.” Discussant: Andrea Louise Campbell (MIT)

Christina Wolbrecht (University of Notre Dame): “Female Voters in Rhetoric and Reality.” Discussant: Kimberly Morgan (George Washington University)

Daniel Kato (Barnard): “Decriminalizing Murder: Lynchings, Police Killings, and the Subduing Force of American Jurisprudence.” Discussant: Nancy Bermeo (University of Oxford)

Colin Hay and Florence Faucher (Sciences Po): “Voting as Symbolic Practice: Comparing Electoral Rituals in France and Britain.” Discussant: Peter Loewen (University of Toronto). 

Jörg Broschek (Wilfrid Laurier University): “The Politics Prime Ministers Make: Political Time in Canadian Context.” Discussant: Daniel Tichenor (University of Oregon). 

Florence Faucher (Sciences Po): “How to Choose a Leader: Reflecting on Changes in British Parties Selection Procedures.” Discussant: Sidney Milkis (University of Virginia)

Mona Morgan-Collins (LSE): “Programmatic Preferences and Women’s Loyalty.” Discussant: Alan Jacobs (University of British Columbia). 

Robert Vipond (University of Toronto): “Telling (Developmental) Tales Out of School: Citizenship and Schooling in Toronto.” Discussant: Margaret Weir (Berkeley)