ABCD 2016 – Toronto

The third workshop on American, British, and Canadian Political Development took place at the University of Toronto from September 30-October1, 2016. The workshop’s theme was “Public Policy”. It was organized by Desmond King, Peter Loewen, Jack Lucas, Rick Valelly, and Robert Vipond. 

Opening remarks: Andrea Louise Campbell (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

James Morone (Brown University): “Baneful Disorders: Racial Fury, Partisan Fury, and the Demise of Health Policy.” Discussant: Gerry Boychuk (University of Waterloo)

Carolyn Tuohy (University of Toronto): “Domains of Choice: Strategies of Scale and Pace in Policy Change.” Discussant: Daniel Béland (University of Saskatchewan)

Margaret Weir (Brown): “The Uneven Development of the Delegated State in America.” Discussant: Desmond King (University of Oxford)

Timothy Weaver (SUNY Albany): “The Emergent Neoliberal Order in British and American Political Development.” Discussant: Lou Pauly (University of Toronto)

Devin Caughey (MIT): “Exclusion and Responsiveness: Congressional Representation in the One-Party South.” Discussant: Gerald Gamm (Rochester)

Linda White (University of Toronto): “How Does Culture Change Occur? Institutional and Ideational Mechanisms.” Discussant: Jack Lucas (University of Calgary)

Ursula Hackett (Oxford University): “Policy Crystallization: Education Reform in England and America.” Discussant: Rob Vipond (University of Toronto)

Jeffery Jenkins (Virginia) and Justin Peck (San Francisco State): “The Blair Education Bill: A Failed Experiment in American Public Education.” Discussant: Rick Valelly (Swarthmore)

Peter John (University College London): “The Political Science of British Politics: How Research in Political Economy Illuminates the Practice and Traditions of Governing in the UK.” Discussant: Peter Loewen (University of Toronto) 

Closing remarks: Robert Lieberman (Johns Hopkins University)