About Us

The Toronto Political Development Workshop provides a venue for presentation and discussion of leading new research in political development, with a particular focus on research that explores political development with a comparative lens — employing cross-country comparison, within-country comparison, or single-case analysis to illuminate important debates in political development and comparative political science. 

The workshop began in 2015 as a series of three SSHRC-funded workshops on “American, British, and Canadian Political Development,” and is now held annually at the University of Toronto. Each workshop is limited to a small number of papers (about ten), with extended discussion of each paper. 

The Toronto Political Development Workshop is closely linked with Political Development: Comparative Perspectives, a new series at University of Toronto Press co-edited by Robert Vipond and Jack Lucas. Please contact us to learn more about this book series or discuss a manuscript. 

For additional information and background discussion related to the Toronto Political Development Workshop by political scientists who are involved in the workshop, please see the following:

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