Toronto Political Development Workshop: 2019

We are delighted to share our lineup for the 2019 Toronto Political Development Workshop.

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Special Theme Workshop on Comparative Constitutional Development: October 3, 2019

Connor Ewing (Toronto) – The Judicial Construction of Federalism

Daniel Sherwin (Toronto) – Theorizing the Extractive Order in Canadian Political Development

Robinson Woodward-Burns (Howard), David Bateman (Cornell), and Stephan Stohler (SUNY Albany) – Laboratories of Democracy? State Constitutional Antecedents to Federal Constitutional Rights

Toronto Political Development Workshop: October 4-5, 2019

Keynote presentation: Margaret Weir (Brown)

Quinn Albaugh (Princeton) – The Blue and the Orange: The Orange Order and Protestant-Conservative Connection, 1899-1917

David Bateman (Cornell) – Gilded Age Doughfaces: Northern Democrats and Civil Rights in the late Nineteenth Century

Jean-Francois Godbout (Montreal) – Lost on Division: Party Unity in Canada

Ursula Hackett (Royal Holloway) – State Action, Constitutional Challenge, and the Deniability of Policy Feedback

Quinn Mulroy and Thomas Ogorzalek (Northwestern) – New Dealers in a New Era of Globalization: Race and the Welfare State Exclusion in the U.S. and France

Isabel M. Perera (Penn) – Supply-Side Policy Feedback: Resource Distribution for the Disadvantaged

Kumar Ramanathan (Northwestern) From Civil Rights to Social Policy: The Political Development of Family and Medical Leave Policy in the U.S.

Sarah Staszak (Princeton) – Privatizing Worker Protections: Arbitration and Litigation Reform in the U.S.

Timothy Weaver (SUNY Albany) – Charting Change in the City

Emily Zackin (Johns Hopkins) – Debtors and American Constitutional Development

Additional confirmed participants include: Gerard Boychuk (Waterloo), Andrea Louise Campbell (MIT), Richard Johnston (UBC), Desmond King (Oxford), Robert Lieberman (Johns Hopkins), Adam Sheingate (Johns Hopkins), and Rick Valelly (Swarthmore).

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