We are delighted to announce our list of presentations for the Fifth Annual Toronto Political Development Workshop, to be held at the University of Toronto on May 12-13, 2023.

Keynote Speaker: Stephen Skowronek (Yale), “The Adaptability Paradox: Political Inclusion and Constitutional Government in the United States.”

Tari Ajadi (McGill), “Policing The Uptown: A historical narrative analyzing Black-led coalitions in response to police brutality in Halifax in 1991.”

Daniel Carpenter (Harvard), “Indigenous Representation Between Diplomacy and Petition: The Haudenosaunee, 1680-1860.”

Julieta Casas (Johns Hopkins), “Parsing Patronage: The Politics of Civil Service Reform in Argentina and the United States.”

Lotem Halevy (Penn), “Associational Endowments: How do parties without political power survive regime change?”

Adam Hilton (Mount Holyoke), “Making Waves: How Party Insurgents Transform American Politics (Even When They Lose).”

Kimberley Johnson (NYU), “Race and the Rolling Out of the Neoliberal  Order:  Jack Kemp’s HUD and Black [Women’s] Empowerment.”

Matthew Lebo (Western) and Gregory Koger (Miami), “The Role of Congress in Concentrating Wealth in America.”

Michael Olson (WUSTL), “Deep South Disfranchisement: State Legislative Politics and Black Disfranchisement in Mississippi and South Carolina in the Late 19th Century.”

Stephanie Saxton (Johns Hopkins), “Railroads and Coal Barons: When Cities Make Police.”

Joanna Wuest (Mount Holyoke) and Briana S. Last (Stony Brook), “Delegated Discrimination: How Industry Groups Lead the Religious Liberty Assault on Civil Rights, Healthcare Policy, and the Administrative State.”

Please also plan to join us on Thursday, May 11 at 4pm for a special pre-workshop lecture by Robert Vipond (Toronto), “Sovereignty Stories and Canadian Political Development.”