Toronto Political Development Workshop: 2020

To our fellow TPDW enthusiasts:

We have decided, regretfully and reluctantly, to push the “Pause and Skip” button on the 2020 edition of TPDW. Given the uncertainties about when routine international travel will resume, we think it best to pull the plug now – before folks go to the trouble of submitting proposals, making travel arrangements, and so on. While we considered creating a virtual workshop, our feeling is that we would lose the serendipitous interactions and extended conversations that make TPDW so valuable.

We will miss seeing everyone in the fall, but we will be back, in style, in 2021. Stay safe, and we will see you again soon!


Robert Vipond and Jack Lucas

April 17, 2020

For more information about the workshop, please contact Jack Lucas ( or Robert Vipond (