TPDW – 2022

Keynote address: Robert Lieberman (Johns Hopkins): The American Civil Rights State: The Role of Federal Power in the Pursuit of Racial Justice.

John Dearborn (Vanderbilt): ‘Real Friends’ versus ‘Pretended Friends’: Strategic Preferences and the Origins of U.S. Federal Taxation, 1909-1916. Discussant: Emily Zackin (Johns Hopkins)

Maye Henning (Johns Hopkins): The Empty Gift: Citizenship, Imperialism, and Political Development in the U.S. Territories. Discussant: Kanta Murali (Toronto)

Kimberley Johnson (NYU): Policy Development from the Bottom-up: Tracing the pre-history of the Federal Section 8/Housing Vouchers Program at the Local Level. Discussant: Desmond King (Oxford)

Richard Johnson (QMUL): Integration and Dispersal: The Politics of Busing in the United States and United Kingdom. Discussant: Linda White (Toronto)

Richard Johnston (UBC): Canadian Party Systems: Electoral Continuity and Change, 1908-2021. Discussant: Matt Lebo (Western)

Kumar Ramanathan (Northwestern): Constructing Racial Liberalism: The Divergent Trajectories of Fair Employment and Fair Housing on the Congressional Agenda, 1933-68. Discussant: Robert Lieberman (Johns Hopkins)

Susanne Schwarz (Princeton): Black Political Representation and Incarceration: Evidence from the Reconstruction American South. Discussant: Max Mishler (Toronto)

Daniel Sherwin (Toronto): Indigenous Sovereignty, Territorial Authority, and Political Development in North America. Discussant: Carolyn Tuohy (Toronto)

Phil Triadafilopoulos (Toronto): The Political Foundations of Canadian Immigration Policy. Discussant: Desmond King (Oxford)

Emily Zackin (Johns Hopkins) and Chloe Thurston (Northwestern): Race and Debt Relief During Reconstruction. Discussant: Connor Ewing (Toronto)