TPDW – 2018

The second annual Toronto Political Development Workshop took place at the University of Toronto from September 28-29, 2018. A pre-workshop on Urban Political Development took place on September 27. The workshop was organized by Robert Vipond and Jack Lucas. 

Keynote address: Andrew Louise Campbell (MIT): Taxes and Race: What are the Linkages?

David Bateman (Cornell): A Push in the Dark: Partisan Calculations, Social Movements, and Democratization from Below in the United States and United Kingdom. Discussant: Adam Sheingate (Johns Hopkins)

Geoffrey Cameron (Toronto): Religious Groups and the Evolution of Refugee Policy in the United States and Canada 1945-1980. Discussant: Gene Zubovich (Toronto)

Richardson Dilworth (Drexel): Meaning and Method in the Marriage of Urban Politics and American Political Development. Discussant: Jack Lucas (Calgary)

Gerald Gamm (Rochester) and Steven S. Smith (WUSTL): Last Among Equals: The Rise of U.S.Senate Party Organization,1789-1889. Discussant: Richard Johnston (UBC)

Ursula Hackett (RHUL): Attenuated Governance: The Transformation of American Politics and Policy. Discussant: Linda White (Toronto)

Mirya Holman (Tulane): Urban Fiscal Crises and the Renegotiation of City-State Relations in American Political Development. Discussant: Connor Ewing (Toronto)

Nicholas Jacobs (Virginia): The Political Dynamics of “Creative Federalism”: President Johnson, the Mayors, and the Development of Federal-Local Urban Policy in the 1960s. Discussant: Zack Taylor (Western)

Richard Johnson (Lancaster): Running on Race: Racial Coalitions, Campaign Strategies, and the Development of Multi-Racial Democracy in the United States. Discussant: Robert Lieberman (Johns Hopkins)

Richard Johnston (UBC): Liberal Leaders and Liberal Success: The Impact of Alternation. Discussant: Carolyn Tuohy (Toronto)

Karen Jusko (Stanford): The Prisoner’s Dilemma: Representation and the Comparative Political Economics of Prison Reform. Discussant: Desmond King (Oxford)

Desmond King (Oxford) and Margaret Weir (Brown): Race, Redistribution and the Anxieties of Local Democracy. Discussant: Sara Hughes (Toronto)

Mona Morgan-Collins (Durham): The Electoral Impact of Newly Enfranchised Groups: The Case of Women’s Suffrage in the United States. Discussant: Gerry Boychuk (Waterloo)

Andrew Proctor (Princeton): Coming Out to Vote: Gay and Lesbian Mobilization in the Two-Party System. Discussant: Christina Wolbrecht (Notre Dame)

Dawn Teele (Pennsylvania): Les Québécoises and the Decline of the Liberal Party. Discussant: Ludovic Rheault (Toronto)